OUr Story

I was frustrated—day after day, the same story unfolding in front of me ... no matter where I was or who I was working with.


Money "for grabs" through grants and foundations, but how much does it COST a teacher, school, or district to try to win the money? And there is no guarantee they will even win the funding after all the time and resources have been spent.

I was frustrated. Great teachers doing awesome things with students. Students engaged and exceeding expectations of what others might have thought they could do. Students finding their passions and answers to their futures. Programs and tools everywhere, but not enough resources available to support the innovation and creativity that is NECESSARY in today's world.

I was on a plane home, brainstorming how I could help schools find resources to support innovation and creativity. Then it hit me— why not start a non-profit myself? I knew talented, passionate people. Why couldn't we become a solution to the problem instead of joining others just talking about the problem?

This is when Creative Kids Initiative was born. My talented and passionate friends jumped on board, and here we are ... ready to go and ready to make a difference.

Please join us! We are excited to invite you to join our family.

—Dr. Denine Jimmerson, Founder


My kids serve as my constant inspiration and I hope I can inspire them with this nonprofit—