Who is Creative Kids Initiative?

We were chatting tonight, and came across this very good question. Who are we and what makes us different from all the other 501c3’s out there trying to invite and support innovation in education?

Well, our mission is simple:

We are an international 501(c)3 nonprofit educational foundation dedicated to providing tools, opportunities, and resources to creative children.

Pretty much to the point, right? And we have started off with a bang!

Even though we are very new, and no one really knows us yet, we have raised almost $15,000 so far in the past 2 months of which 94% has gone straight back out into schools and other youth organizations. That is pretty amazing!

So, let’s go ahead and list a few things about Creative Kids Initiative that makes us different from the others:

  1. We are a foundation formed by a small group friends and family, all dedicated to giving opportunities for kids to live in a world where they are allowed, and more importantly know how to be creative.

  2. We don’t want things to be complicated. Schools and youth organizations always need funding for amazing projects, and it shouldn’t be as hard as it is for them to find the money to support these ideas.

  3. Kids are crazy smart. We don’t always give them credit for being as smart as they are … and they are inherently creative. Tests do not measure creativity, and the best and brightest kids include those who are crazy creative. We at Creative Kids Initiative level aim to level the playing field.

We hope you will follow us as we grow and learn. We also hope you will support all the kids out there who deserve the opportunity to learn how to create.

More thoughts soon :)



Creative Kids